The Chocolate Seed FIX Bite, PB&J FIX Bite and the Truffle FIX Bite are the Protein line. The fefinition that we use to differentiate Protein Bites from the Energy Bites is this: If the grams of Protein are 1/2 or more then 1/2 the grams of the carbohydrates, this is a Protein Bite.

What is the science used to back this up?

Foods that we inject got through differnet metabolic pathways as they are digested. The more effienct a metabolic pathway is the the more of the food’s energy is used for work and less as dissipated heat. The metabolic pathways for proteins are less effienct that those used for carbohydrates and fats.

A Protein contains 4 calories per gram of weight, but a large part of the protein calore is lost as heat when it is metabolized by the body. The thermic effiect of food is a measure of how different foods increase energy expeditures. This is due to the energy/heat required to digest, absorb and metabolize the nutrients of that food.

Here is the thermic effect of the macronutrients:

Fat – 2-3%

Carbs – 6-8 %

Proteins – 25 to 30 %

Sources vary on the exact numbers, but it is clear that protein requires more energy/heat to metabolize then carbs or fats. To demonstrate the Thermic effect for protein and fat: 100 calories of protein would leave the body with 70 to 75 calories to use after it is metabolozed. 100 calories of fat would leave 97-98 calories to be used by the body after it is meabolized.

Study show that Protein sources also keep you full longer as they take longer to digest. If you increae your protein intake , you start loosing weight without counting or controling calories. In one study, people in increased their protein intake to 30% of thier calories, they automatically started eating 441 fewer calories per day and lost 11 lbs (4.9 kg) in 12 weeks.

It is very clear that when it comes to metabolsim and apetite regulation, a protein calorie is not the same as a calorie from a carb or a fat.

Therefore, our Protein FIX Bites would be very beneficial to add to anyone’s diet. A diet where you are kept full and not adding food sources that may lead to weight gain bul altimately weight loss.

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